Soil cultivation is any process that re-arranges the soil by using some activity.


Our tractor mounted ‘rotovator’, harrow and plough are mechanical ways of turning the soil – just like digging only with a machine.  Depending on the condition and area of land and what you are trying to achieve, will dictate what method is the best solution for you.

The digging and turning of the soil helps to break it down into small particles and in turn aerates the soil; particularly good for heavy clay soils.

The best time to carry out harrowing is in the spring or early summer, but only if ground conditions allow. The ground needs to be dry enough so that the weight of the tractor doesn’t cause damage to the ground.

Grass harrowing pulls up dead grass providing space for healthy grass to fill. Harrowing also breaks up the surface of the ground allowing for better drainage and an increase in available nutrients for plant uptake.

By disturbing the surface of the ground, this promotes new grass shoots (known as tillering) which will help to increase density, reducing the opportunity for weeds to take hold on the land.

Our heavy duty tractor mounted harrow can be adjusted to provide different angles depending on conditions and what you would like to achieve. It folds up to fit through gateways but is wide enough to give high outputs when in the field. The harrow has strong 8mm spring steel tines and follows ground contours using floating frames to ensure optimum performance.

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